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Vinta Inks - Azure (Maharlika 7107)

Vinta Inks - Azure (Maharlika 7107)

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Vinta Inks -

Take a dip & write away.
Vinta Inks are obsessively designed and meticulously mixed. Our inks are meant for fountain pen or calligraphy use.
We promise that we use the finest ingredients to make the best ink that we can.

Maharlika means "free man" and it was the name of the feudal warrior class of ancient Tagalog society. These free men were exempted from tax in exchange for their military service, rising to the call of battle for their 'datu' or ruler at any given time. This beautiful azure ink with faint pink accents brings to mind the image of dusk in the Philippines. The sun setting over the archipelago's 7107 islands its people.

Vinta Ink Features:

1. Encased in a glass amber bottle

2. 30 or 45ml of Ink enough for at least 45 refills.

3. Proudly Handmade in the Philippines