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About Us

Hello! I'm Azizah Asgarali, a.k.a "gourmetpens". You might have seen me doing pen and ink stuff around the internet - blog posts and reviews, YouTube shenanigans including messy ink videos - and in real life at pen shows and pen events. Welcome to my shop page, featuring inspired tools for creative musings and more. I have spent years exploring stationery and doing my best to help connect fellow writers, artists, pen enthusiasts, and the inquisitive with the tools that make their hearts sing. It's about time I make things available to you! 

Azizah Teaching Pilot Parallel Class

My team and I want to help each and every one of you find happiness by connecting you with the instruments you need to feed your curiosity. We want to facilitate and inspire you so you can feel comfortable and excited to use and enjoy your most precious items freely. You may already have what you need to find your pen zen, or perhaps you just need some simple supplies - a notebook, a pen, or a bit of everything! Everything you create is worthy.