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Kitta Sticky Note Seal Circle Flower - KITD008

Kitta Sticky Note Seal Circle Flower - KITD008

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Compact flat washi sticker - a standard for decoration. No more bulky washi tape rolls in your pencil case - these little booklets will slip right into the pockets of your Hobonichi covers or notebooks! Compact card size!

Hitotoki - Stationery to help you craft better days.

What does a good life look like? "Not mine," you might be thinking.
But what makes for a good day? That’s a little easier.
Spend a little extra time on something taken for granted.
Add a special message to something unassuming.
These are ways you can make your days, every one of them, more enjoyable.
Look for ways to have more precious and memorable moments.
Make good days. Make them like you want them - every day, just like that.
A good life, after all, is just a long string of good days.