Ayush Paper Distributors of North America!

Please contact us directly for pricing and information if you are interested in carrying Ayush Paper products. We would be happy to help you and get you set up with a selection of goodies for your shop!

Ayush Paper was founded in India by Ayush Surana and the paper and products continues to be produced there by a team of dedicated employees.

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Before this little shop was launched, we were in the works of setting up to distribute Ayush Paper here in North America. We had been in touch with the founder of Ayush Paper and we had sampled the paper and really liked the writing experience and potential for the notebooks. To make this interesting new paper accessible to the North American market, we decided to become the go-to for Ayush Paper products!

We have been working with Ayush Paper to develop more sizes, products, and covers to make this solid paper even more fun!